Rookie Lifeguards

 Is your child bored during their current swim training?
 Would they like to learn essential lifesaving skills, whilst continuing to improve stroke and technique?
 Would they like to improve self-esteem, confidence & social skills?
 How about trying other aquatic activities such as water polo, canoeing, surfing and even sub aqua?
 Would they like to progress into swim teaching or volunteering?

The Rookie Lifeguard Academy is for any older child wishing to stay fit, healthy and active- without necessarily aiming for the Olympics!

Having taught young adults for many years, we’ve witnessed first-hand just how bored and unmotivated older children can become. Often, they’re expected to simply swim length after length, without developing their skills any further.Our RLSS Rookie Lifesavers course offers your child the opportunity to continue their swimming development, while getting the most out of their time in the water. It’s the perfect way to keep them learning, including skills that could one day help save someone’s life!

In order to access the course they need to be a competent swimmer, and aged 8-15.

Through our unique teaching style, they’ll stay energized and motivated whilst leaning new aquatic skills. These include rescue, lifesaving, and first aid techniques – all vital skills to learn in order to stay safe in the water. In addition to this, they will take part in a whole host of other fun, engaging aquatic pursuits. They can try their hands at water polo, volleyball, sub aqua, and even surfing!

The course follows the nationally recognised Royal Lifesaving Society’s Rookie Lifeguard syllabus. Your child will therefore have the opportunity to complete the National Rookie Lifesaver award, at Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. If your child is interested there are also volunteering opportunities which they can access through us once they have gained life guarding qualifications – these could be used as an entry into becoming a qualified swim teacher or, for example, Duke of Edinburgh volunteering requirements.

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