Crash Courses

More than just intensive learning……

In our week long Crash Courses, we aim to start your little one on their aquatic adventure in the best possible way. Our course will transform the way they see the pool environment; from a big scary place with a ‘bottomless ocean’ to a fun, more enjoyable place where they will become pirates of the ocean! Also great for adding new skills or injecting some excitement back into swimming for those already able to swim.

For younger children, this course is designed to give maximum amount of confidence to nervous swimmers, and increase the ability of both beginners & improvers. We see nervous and timid 3-5 year olds all the time- they’re our speciality! This nervousness can be easily overcome with a little patience and determination, coupled with plenty of fun. A crash course is a great way to get up to speed before or during the term, and can significantly improve confidence over a short period of time. Enquire now for dates of our next available pre-schooler crash course!

For older children, the aim of the Improver crash course will be to enhance all areas of aquatic abilities, such as stamina, strength, stroke development and technique. Building through the course of the week we will also introduce other skills such as diving and life saving to help keep the fun levels up whilst developing their skill sets.

Rescue and Lifesaving Crash Course – new to the course syllabus is the RLSS Rescue and Lifesaving course for more advanced swimmers aged 8+. Your child can be accredited with a national award (Rookie/ bronze, silver and gold challenges) that could put them on their first steps to a lifesaving vocation or similar area of interest.

All crash courses run in school holidays and are 30 minutes long, once a day for a week. Because of the nature of the courses you should commit to attending every day for the entire week – for some children the water wobbles can happen at any time during the week and its important to trust us to help them work through it so they can swim through to the other side!

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