Welcome to Swimabout

At Swimabout we aim to provide a fun, supportive yet stimulating environment for children to learn to swim in. We deliver lessons for groups, individuals, adults and also crash courses. Currently we hold group lessons for children aged 2 -16yrs, weekends at Oldham Hulme Grammar School and Monday & Thursday at St-Edward’s School. Please get in touch to discuss adult, 1-2-1 or crash course lessons


For us, swimming lessons aren’t just about getting the technique right – although that’s important – we help build confidence in water, motivate our swimmers to improve, and have a great time whilst unlocking their natural abilities to swim!

If you are looking for a swim school which is more than just lessons, we offer:  Small class sizes
  Teachers and teaching assistants in the pool
  Confidence, encouragement and fun in every swimming lesson
  Less physical restrictions from swimming equipment
  Each child taught as an individual within a balanced group appropriate to their abilities
  Concepts behind good swimming techniques embedded within pupils as they learn
  A structured progression through a unique syllabus backed by the Amateur Swimming Association
  Safety in the water as paramount
  All staff extended DBS checked
  Parent portal for checking your child’s progress through the award stages
  Not forgetting our end of term pool parties and awards to celebrate swimming achievements!

Please have a splash around our website for more details on why Swimabout is more than just swimming!

Want to know more?

 Thank you Simon for the last 3+ years. My grandson is totally one of your biggest fans and can’t wait to get to his lessons on Sundays. You have this amazing ability to make all the children in your groups feel special and team up the technical points of swimming with fun time which everyone enjoys, even the adults watching. I have observed over the years your skills and that of your colleagues, especially those initial lessons when small children are launched into the water without mum or dad – you make them feel totally safe. Well done!